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AP 1 – 11: Appeal Procedures for School Council

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Initial Approval: 2010 March 30
Last Amended: 2017 October 04
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


The Division encourages the Principal and the school council to make every effort to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution to disagreements regarding policies proposed or adopted for the school. In the event of an issue remaining unresolved, the Division then encourages the parties to use the following guidelines.


This procedure applies to all schools and school councils.


In the event of such an issue, either the chair of the school council or the Principal may submit a written appeal to the Board.

1. When the need to hear an appeal arises, the Board or a committee established by the Board to hear the appeal, shall establish a hearing date, time and place which allows the parties to the appeal sufficient notice to prepare.

2. The appeal shall be heard by the Board or a committee established by the Board. Except in cases where it is their decision that is being appealed, the Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Superintendent and/or their designates may be present to assist the Board or committee.

3. The chairman of the Board or committee established by the Board to hear the appeal shall be guided by the following:

3.1. introduction of participants to the hearing;

3.2. explain the purpose of the appeal hearing;

3.2.1. to hear what effort has been made to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution;

3.2.2. to provide an opportunity for both parties to make representations surrounding the issues, and in support of their position before a decision on the appeal is made;

3.2.3. to permit each party to hear the other party and to respond to statements as presented by the other party; and

3.2.4. to allow trustees to know the facts and issues, and to hear any evidence or information they deem relevant prior to making the decision in respect of the appeal.

3.3. The two parties will be given full and ample opportunity to review their positions and raise concerns regarding the issue. The party making the application for the appeal shall proceed first.

3.4. In the event the Superintendent has previously been asked to give a decision with respect to the issue, the Superintendent shall report the findings and the recommendations to the Board.

3.5. Each party to the issue shall be given ample opportunity to respond both to the concerns raised by themselves with respect to the issue and the Superintendent’s proposed resolution.

3.6. Board members and executive staff may question the parties to clarify the facts.

3.7 The Board or committee established by the Board will make a decision in respect of the appeal and advise the parties in writing regarding the decision and the reasons for that decision.


Education Act


Amended: 2017 Oct 4
Reviewed: 2017 Nov 27
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25