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AP 1 – 10: Delegation of Duties or Tasks to School Councils

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Initial Approval:2010 March 30
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


The Division recognizes the unique and diverse nature of its school communities. Therefore, the Board may, at times, request school council to undertake specific duties or responsibilities.


This procedure applies to all schools and school councils.


The Division shall specify the parameters for the request within the following framework:

1. Responsibilities The type of responsibility being requested shall be specified within the following parameters:

1.1. to consider and make a recommendation regarding a particular subject to the Board;

1.2. to collect information on a specific matter and to report the facts and the school council’s opinions regarding the matter to the Board and to school administration;

1.3. to take some specific action on behalf of the Board and report to the Board on the action taken;

1.4. to adhere to any particular jurisdictional Board policies or procedures.

2. Budget In the event that the request entails costs, the Board shall provide funding and establish those financial limits to which the school council can commit or expend funds on behalf of the Board.

3. Timeline The Division shall establish dates, a minimum being one month, by which the school council shall report to or complete the duty or task requested of it by the Board.


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Updated: 2017 Oct 4
Reviewed: 2017 Nov 27
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25