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AP 1 – 09: Communication between the Board and the School Council

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Initial Approval: 2010 March 30
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


This procedure outlines the communication between the Board and the School Council. The Division believes that school councils are an important link between the Division and the school communities throughout the jurisdiction. The Division believes that school councils can bring critical perspectives about education, the needs of the school, and concerns of the community to the Division.


This procedure applies to all schools and school councils.


1. The Division shall annually develop a plan to gather input from school councils.

2. The Division acknowledges that school councils may require a formal route to inform the Board of a concern on a specific matter.

2.1 School councils shall determine whether an issue can be resolved within the administrative structure or must, in their opinion, be discussed with the Board.

2.2 In the event an issue cannot be resolved, the formal communication channel for a specific matter shall be:

School Council

2.3 If the school council decides after utilizing the formal communication channel that an appearance before the Board is still necessary, the school council chair shall request, in writing to the Corporate Secretary, a time at which to appear before a scheduled meeting of the Board, and provide an outline of the issue to be discussed.

2.4 The school council request shall be included on the agenda of a regularly scheduled meeting and school council representatives will be invited to make a presentation to the Board.

3. The Division requires the school council to submit using to the Board by October 15 of each year, for the preceding school year, copies of:

3.1 Financial statements of any money handled by the school council

3.2 A report outlining the activities of the school council and

3.3 Minutes of each meeting.

4. The school council secretary will file the School Council Constitution, by-laws, and any amendments with the Superintendent.

5. The Division encourages school councils to contribute, through the Principal, to jurisdiction newsletters and the annual report by submitting articles outlining:

5.1 Significant accomplishments at the school

5.2 Major events or projects at the school and

5.3 Results of studies undertaken.

6. The Division will refer the payment of the annual membership fee for school councils in the Alberta Home and School Association to be part of the Division’s Annual Budget.


Education Act


Updated: 2017 October 4
Reviewed: 2017 November 27
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25