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AP 1 – 06: Community Use of School

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Last Reviewed: 2019 November 25


To ensure school facilities and grounds are made available for use by the public when such use will not conflict with school activities. The Division shall cooperate with community groups in extending the use of school facilities and grounds beyond the regular school day.


The procedure applies to all staff in the Division.


“School Facilities” are defined to include school buildings and grounds.


1.When scheduling, school activities and events will take priority over all public use of school facilities and grounds.

2. In public use of school facilities, priority will be given to local non-profit children/youth groups involved in an educational activity.

3. Unless a Joint Use Agreement states otherwise, the Principal, in consultation with staff and the school council, shall establish fees for public use of school facilities and equipment.

3.1. Responsibility for booking and collection of fees shall rest with the Principal. Fees collected shall be placed in the school budget and be subject to normal accounting procedures.

3.2. A fee may be levied for opening and closing the school, supervisory, and custodial duties required beyond normal caretaking duties. Such funds will be disbursed appropriately by the Principal.

4. The Division may enter into Joint Use Agreements with other facility owners.

5. School children and others engaged in activities in the gymnasium or other school facilities are expected to wear suitable footwear as established by the school.

6. In communities where there is more than one school, every effort should be made by the Principals to ensure consistent rules for the use of schools in the community.

7. The use of facilities and grounds in the summer months must be approved by the Superintendent or designate.

8. School groups must apply directly to the Principal for use of facilities beyond regular school hours.

9. Non-school groups must apply in writing directly to the Principal or in accordance with the Joint Use Agreement.

10. The Principal shall provide written confirmation to all non-school groups outlining regulations and applicable fees with a summary to be submitted to the Board annually.

11. Breakages or damage to the building or equipment must be reported to the Principal. The assessed damages will be paid for by the user group to the school Principal.

12. In cases of abuse or non-compliance with Division regulations, the Principal is empowered by the Board to cancel use of the facilities. In the event that this occurs, the Principal shall notify the Superintendent.



Education Act


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Reviewed: 2017 October 30
Reviewed: 2018 July 03
Reviewed: 2019 Nov 25