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AP 0 - 04: Glossary and Standard Terms

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Initial Approval: 2012 August 31
Last Amended: 2020 February 07
Last Reviewed: 2020 February 07


To ensure that standard terms used in policies, administrative procedures, handbooks and other documents are clearly defined.


This procedure applies to all staff developing documents for the Division.


The following is a glossary of terms often used in policies, administrative procedures and handbooks. This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Board – Chinook’s Edge School Division Board of Trustees

Corporate Secretary – the person appointed and employed as the secretary of the Division pursuant to Section 68 of the Education Act

Division – is the only way Chinook’s Edge School Division may be referred to in documents.

Parent – the person or legal guardian of a student Principal – a teacher designated as a principal or acting principal

School – any school in the Division

School Administration – Principal or Vice-Principal of a School

School Council – as established under section 55 of the Education Act

Students – all students registered in a School within the Division

Superintendent – the Superintendent of the Division or a person designated to act on the Superintendent’s behalf Support

Staff – all staff except the Superintendent, Associate Superintendents, teachers, department heads and Directors.

Teacher – an individual, employed by the Board, who holds a certificate of qualification as a teacher under the Education Act

Treasurer – the person appointed and employed as the Treasurer of the Division pursuant to Section 68 of the Education Act

Trustee – member of the Board


Education Act


2012 August Legal review
2019 Dec 15 Reviewed
2020 Feb 07 Revised