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AP 0 - 01: Development, Review and Revision of Administrative Procedures

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Initial Approval: 2009 November 16
Last Amended: 2017 October 11
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


As per Chinook’s Edge Division Policy PL 3-02.0.0 Board Support, the Superintendent shall: Develop, maintain, and communicate Administrative Procedures that are consistent with board and provincial policies, regulations, and procedures.

Chinook’s Edge School Division Administrative Procedures development, review and revision, occurs through a consultative process involving stakeholders under the supervision of the Superintendent.


This procedure applies to all staff.


1. A review of all administrative procedures will be carried out through the Office of the Superintendent on an annual basis to ensure procedures are kept current, reflect Division practice, and assist the Superintendent in carrying out the will of the Board and the requirements of the Minister, and provincial legislation. This review must take into consideration the impact such procedures have on those directly affected and shall include an opportunity for input.

2. In addition to this process, a review of a specific administrative procedure may be initiated at any time by the Superintendent in response to a formal request from a school council, a school administrator or an employee who is affected by the procedure. The request for such a review shall:

2.1. Detail the issues and concerns associated with the administrative procedure and, if possible, offer suggestions for revision. Such recommendations are to be made to the Superintendent via the formal routes of established communication within the Division.

2.2. Be reviewed by the Superintendent with consideration of the appropriate balance between sensitivity to the needs of those impacted by a specific procedure and the ability of the Superintendent and the Division to respond in an accountable manner to legislative, Board and Ministerial directives.

3. Steps to be followed in considering recommended changes, additions, or deletions are:

3.1. The Superintendent shall solicit feedback from stakeholders most affected by the recommendation to gather input for the proposed change.

3.2. Only stakeholders most affected by the procedural change as identified by the Superintendent and the Central Office Leadership Team will be given input to ensure the process is efficient.

3.3. Input into decisions may come from, but not be limited to, a face-to-face meeting, but can be garnered through e-mail or written submission, to ensure that the process is expedient, yet thorough, and recognizes Board, Ministerial or legislative requirements placed on the Superintendent.

3.4. There will be situations where input into decisions to revise, delete or add administrative procedures will be limited or non-existent. For example, if there are Board directives, legislative changes or new directives from Alberta Education or other government departments, formal consultation may not be sought.

3.5. The above steps facilitate the procedural recommendations being made to the Superintendent relative to changes, additions, or deletions to the Administrative Procedures Manual. The final decision regarding the recommendation lies with the Superintendent.

4. Any decision(s) arising from a review of administrative procedures will be communicated expeditiously to all affected stakeholders by the Superintendent. Any changes made to the Administrative Procedures will be included as information to the Board. Some administrative procedures may be presented to the policy committee prior to being shared with the Board.


Education Act
PL 3-02.0.0 Board Support


2009 Nov 16 Approved
2017 Oct 11 Updated
2020 Feb 07 Reviewed