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AP 5 – 14: Sponsorships and Partnerships

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that sponsorships and partnerships support the Division’s Organizational Goals.


This administrative procedure applies to all Division staff.


Partnerships - are written agreements that are mutually beneficial, co-operative relationships in which partners share values; objectives; human, material, or financial resources; roles and responsibilities to enhance learning for students.

Sponsorships – are written agreements that are defined as the provision of money, price reductions, equipment, materials, or services in exchange for product or company recognition for a specified period of time.

Promotional Items - Promotional items are logos or tangible items imprinted with an individual, organization or company name, logo or message designed to increase brand or business awareness.


  1. Only the Superintendent may enter into a sponsorship or partnership agreement on behalf of the Division.
  2. School Principals shall obtain the approval of the Superintendent for any sponsorship or partnership agreement.
  3. The Superintendent will use the following criteria to decide on approval for a sponsorship or partnership agreement, the Superintendent will conduct a risk/benefit analysis based on the following questions:
    • To what degree is the sponsorship or partnership supportive of the Division’s Organizational Goals?
    • Are the sponsor’s or partner’s expectations pertaining to control, exclusivity, oversight, and outcome(s) acceptable to the school and the Division?
    • How will the Division review and approve public statements about the project?
    • Are the sponsor’s or partner’s expectations regarding recognition or acknowledgment of their support acceptable to the school and the Division?
    • Would the acceptance of the sponsorship or partnership create any real or perceived conflicts of interest for Division staff and employees?
  4. All sponsorship and partnership agreements shall include the following clauses:
    1. A termination date
    2. Provisions to terminate the agreement
    3. Requirements that the Superintendent approve the sponsor’s use of the Division’s name and/or logo
    4. A disclaimer ensuring that no warranties or guarantees are implied.
    5. A hold harmless clause.
  5. All sponsorship and partnership agreements must be signed by the superintendent or designate.
  6. The Principal may permit promotional items to be used in schools without a sponsorship agreement if the following conditions are met:
    1. The conditions of their use within the schools are determined solely by the Principal and are not imposed by any outside organization.
    2. The items are judged by the Principal to have sufficient educational or other value to justify their being used in schools.
    3. Any advertising, if permitted, is appropriately minimized.
    4. The school must not be used as a means of distributing advertising to students or their parents.
    5. Students and/or their parents are not required to attend a particular place of business in order to receive an award for participation in a school project or an activity which is sponsored by a business.



2019 Oct 11 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Revewed