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AP 5 – 13: School Events

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that major events are properly planned, successful and do not expose Chinook’s Edge School Division to undue risk.


This procedure applies to all principals.


Major event – Any event that is organized by the school community (including sporting events) is considered a major event if any of the following conditions apply

  1. If the event is a provincial, national, or international event (for example “Provincial Championships” and “National Student’s Conference”)
  2. If the event requires school fundraising in excess of $10,000
  3. If the event has an operating budget of $15,000 or greater
  4. If the event requires entering into a contract where the Division assumes a financial liability.


1. Prior to hosting a major event, the school principal shall provide a report to the Superintendent including

1.1 The dates of the event

1.2 The nature of the event

1.3 Operational and Communication plans for the event

1.4 A budget for the event, including revenue sources

1.5 A copy of any service contracts associated with the event.

2. Principals shall not permit a major event to proceed without the Superintendent’s written approval.

3. Principals shall seek approval for each occurrence of a reoccurring event (such as an annual event.)

4. The Superintendent will inform the Board of all major events prior to providing written approval for the event or making any commitments on behalf of the Division to support the event.


2014 Dec 10 Approved
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed