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AP 5 – 11: Exhibit 1 – Bus Accident

Sponsor/Contact: Superintendent
Effective Date:
Last Reviewed: 2018 April 5


Bus accident reporting is required upon each and every incident regardless of how minor in nature, and regardless of the extent of the damage.

  1. The Transportation Office must be called immediately. Using the School Bus Accident Procedures Report the office will gather information on the incident and location and whether or not there were injuries and what type of emergency services are required. The office or the driver will call 911 if emergency help is required.
  2. The Director of Transportation or designate must be notified as soon as the safety is assured of the bus passengers and any others involved in the accident. The Safety Manager must be contacted for every incident. Depending on the incident, the Director of Transportation will contact the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent liaison and the receiving school/schools principal(s). The Transportation Office will advise parents of students riding the bus involved in the accident.
  3. The bus driver in coordination with the Transportation Office must prepare an accident report by gathering and recording required information to establish exactly where and when the event took place, to identify who and what was involved, to describe how much injury or damage resulted, to indicate the intended course of involved vehicles, etc., and to specify certain additional circumstances of the incident. The accident report shall report facts, NOT opinions, it is not intended to be used to place blame.
  4. The School Bus Accident Report must be submitted to the Director of Transportation or designate as soon as possible following the accident.
  5. Other information required on the accident report shall be held on file at the Transportation Office as per Board approved Record Retention Schedule.
  6. It shall be determined by the Director of Transportation and the principal/s of the receiving school/schools, whether or not the students require crisis debriefing.
  7. Bus drivers failing to report accidents to the Transportation Director or designate may be dismissed immediately upon acknowledgement of the information by the Director of Transportation.