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AP 5 – 09: Attendance Areas and Non-Resident Student Busing

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Last Amended: 2019 December 17
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure Chinook’s Edge registration processes are in line with legislation and guidance from Alberta Education.


This procedure applies to all registration requests for non-resident students.


Non-resident student –a student whose parents reside in a different school division or in the attendance area of a different Chinook’s Edge school than the one in which they wish to enroll their child(ren). Out of area request - a request to enroll a non-resident student in a Chinook’s Edge school.


  1. When the Principal receives a request to register a non-resident student, they will have the parent / guardian or independent student complete the appropriate section of the Out of Area Request form listed on the Chinook’s Edge School Division website under Registration.
  2. The Principal should enroll the student for the start of a school year, or the start of a semester, if:
    1. after
      1. Meeting with the parent(s) of the student, and
      2. Consulting the student’s previous school, and
      3. In cases where there is reason to believe a student has Inclusive Education needs, also consulting their school’s Inclusive Education Liaison, and
      4. Consulting with the principals of other Chinook’s Edge schools in the community where siblings of the student would attend.
      5. If the Principal in consultation with the Superintendent (if necessary) believes that the school has sufficient resources and facilities to accommodate the student.
    2. The parent agrees with the conditions of the transportation agreement, if transportation is requested.
  3. Before denying an out of area request, principals must consult their Liaison Superintendent.
  4. Parents may appeal decisions to the school’s Liaison Superintendent.
  5. Parents of students who move out of their school’s attendance area part way through a school year may choose whether their child will remain in their current school for the remainder of the year, or attend their new attendance area school.
  6. Chinook’s Edge does not support mid-year transfer of K-8 students or mid-semester transfer of high school students to different schools unless after consultations with all stakeholders, there is a shared belief that such a transfer is in the best interests of the Division.
  7. 7. There are other processes to manage requests for students to attend Outreach schools, Career High schools, the Sundre Learning Centre, Chinook’s Edge Off Campus Learning, Horizon School, Olds Koinonia Christian School, and Pre-Kindergarten programs and this procedure does not apply.


Education Act


2011 Feb 10 Revised
2014 June 9 Amended
2019 Dec 17 Revised