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AP 5 – 08: School Fundraising

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Last Amended: 2020 March 24
Last Reviewed: 2020 March 24


To ensure that the operation of the jurisdictions educational programs should be funded from the tax base and user fees. However, the Division recognizes the value of carrying out extra-curricular activities and projects which require additional financial support. The Division acknowledges the financial contributions that can accrue through student fundraising activities. However, the Division expects that the safety of the students be paramount and the financial implications for parents and the community be considered.


This procedure applies to all staff.




1. Fundraising which involves the student body and/or staff as an identifiable group must be directed toward the support of:

1.1. An authorized school activity.

1.2. A Board approved capital project.

1.3. A recognized community charitable cause.

2. Any fundraising activity shall receive the approval of the Principal.

2.1. Superintendent approval is required for all activities regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control Board and where the financial liability is greater than $20,000.

2.2. Superintendent approval is required for playground or capital projects that have safety and operational and maintenance implications and/or exceed $20,000 before fundraising proceeds.

2.3 Superintendent approval is required for any GoFundMe or similar activity.

3. Any fundraising activity that involves the school, school council, school related societies, an organization that has an association with the school or Division or using the name of the school or Division in their fundraising activity are prohibited from using alcohol, tobacco, cannabis or any product that is deemed inappropriate as part of or a prize for their fundraising activity.

4. The Principal shall keep the School Council informed of any fundraising activity.

5. Each such fundraising project must have an employee coordinator.

6. Acceptable forms of fundraising include:

6.1. The sale of a usable product to the consumer.

6.2. Provision of a worthwhile service to the consumer.

6.3. The receipt of funds and/or services as provided for under the conditions of charitable donations.

6.4. The encouragement of improvement or enrichment for the participant.

7. No Division employee involved in a fundraising activity shall be in a position to benefit financially from that activity.

8. No Division employee will be involved in any capacity with Safe Grad Activities including fundraising, event planning or supervision.

9. All fundraising activities should be confined to non-instructional hours and should not interfere with the regular operation of the school.

10. Funds shall be utilized for their intended purpose. Should the activity be cancelled, the Principal shall inform the Superintendent and the School Council.

11. Plans must be in place and clearly communicated regarding how excess funds will be used or reimbursed.

12. Arrangements shall be made for recording of and accountability for revenues and expenditures.

13. The accounts shall be available for inspection by Board officials, and a selection of accounts shall be audited in conjunction with the audits of other division accounts.

14. Audit costs are to be charged to the individual accounts.

15.  A copy of any auditor's report is to be submitted to the Superintendent and the Treasurer.

16. Student participation must be voluntary.

17. Fundraising activities shall not include door to door canvassing unless approved by the Superintendent.


Education Act


2011 April 19 Reviewed
2012 Oct 11 Reviewed
2018 Nov 13 Reviewed
2019 April 30 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed
2020 March 24 Amended