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AP 5 – 07: Staff Conflict of Interest

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that the public has a right to educational services which are conducted with efficiency, impartiality and integrity. It is this special obligation which demands that there not be nor be perceived to be, any conflict of interest between the private interests of employees and their responsibility to the public.


This procedure applies to all employees.




1. Outside Employment Employees may take supplementary employment, including self-employment unless such employment:

1.1 Causes an actual or apparent conflict of interest

1.2 Interferes with regular employment duties

1.3 Involves the preferential use of Division premises, equipment or supplies

1.4 Causes the employee to hold pecuniary interests that could be or perceived to be in conflict of interest

1.5 Individuals are responsible for taxation consequences of any kind.

2. Where it appears that a conflict of interest might arise in taking supplementary employment, or through pecuniary interest, it is the duty of the employee to notify the Board, in writing, as to the nature of employment.

3. Employees shall not accept monetary or other payment in addition to normal salary or expenses for duties which they perform in the course of their employment.

4. Employees are advised to avoid accepting personal gifts from persons who contract with the Division for the supply of goods or services.

5. Employees who own, or have pecuniary interests in, businesses that may act as a supplier to the Division shall be strictly governed by Alberta Government Regulations on tendering and are required to notify the Board of their financial interest in a company at the time of submitting a tendered bid.

6. Teachers providing additional teaching duties within the Division should refer to the Collective Agreement (i.e. summer school, night school).

7. Products and materials developed as part of an employee's regular duties will be the property of the Division.

PROCEDURES - When a potential conflict of Interest is identified

  1. Disclosure of "conflict of interest", in writing shall be sent to the Superintendent or Principal for consideration. As deemed necessary, the Principal shall forward those disclosures to the Superintendent.
  2. The Superintendent shall advise the Board when senior administration are in an actual or apparent conflict of interest.
  3. An employee who does not comply with any provision of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.
  4. All supervisors shall advise employees of the "Conflict of Interest" policy.


Education Act


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2012 Oct 11 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed