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AP 5 – 03: Division Owned Vehicles

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Last Amended: 2019 December 17
Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that Division owned vehicles (excluding buses) are to be used for the purpose of carrying out Division business or approved school activities, except where specifically authorized by the Superintendent.


This procedure applies to all staff.




1. Supervision of Division owned vehicles is as follows:

1.1 School Assigned Buses - Principal

1.2 Maintenance & Delivery Vehicles - Director of Facility Services

1.3 Bus Shop Vehicles - Director of Transportation

1.4 All other vehicles - Superintendent.

2. Authorized drivers who are a minimum of 18 years of age and are in possession of a valid "class 5" Operator's Certificate shall be permitted to drive vehicles owned by Chinook's Edge School Division No. 73 (refer to Administrative Procedure 5 - 06). However, a "class 4" Operator's Certificate is mandatory for employees and non-employees to drive a school van. Proof of a valid "class 5" or "class 4" Operator's Certificate and Driver Abstract shall be provided to the supervisor of the vehicle prior to operation.

3. Only Division employees shall be permitted to operate Division owned vehicles unless the Superintendent grants prior approval, in writing. The Superintendent may authorize the use of Division-owned vehicles for functions not directly related to a school activity provided that the Division vehicle is not previously booked for a school related function.

4. Passengers are only permitted to ride with Division employees provided it is related to Division business or an approved school activity, or if the function is approved by the Superintendent.

5. Supervisors responsible for Division owned vehicles shall have each vehicle inspected by Chinook's Edge School Division bus shop mechanics, or equivalent, every six months.

6. The purchase of any Division vehicle shall require final authorization by the Superintendent or designate.

7. Division owned vehicles shall be insured under the Board's insurance policy and arranged through the Finance Department.

8. Registration of vehicles shall be in the name of Chinook's Edge School Division and shall be through the Director of Transportation. (To register a vehicle and issue license plates, the Motor Vehicles Branch requires an Application for Vehicle Registration completed and Proof of Insurance Coverage. Proof of Insurance (or pink card) can be obtained from the Finance Department.) After registering the vehicle, a copy of the registration must be sent to the Finance Department for record keeping.

9. All costs associated with purchasing, licensing, maintenance, repair, insurance, and operation of any Division vehicle shall be the sole responsibility of the school or Department utilizing the services of the vehicle.

10. Division owned vehicles shall contain each of the following:

10.1 Proof of Insurance (pink card)

10.2 Registration

10.3 Full fire extinguisher

10.4 Full first aid kit

10.5 Reflective triangles

11. Division owned vehicles shall bear the name and/or logo of the Division on the exterior of the vehicle at all times and the vehicle shall be kept clean inside and out.

12. Drivers must drive safely in accordance with the requirements of the Traffic Act and Municipal Traffic Bylaws and must advise the supervisor of any changes on their licenses or changes in the status of their personal insurance coverage. If an individual exceeds 6 demerits they will no longer be allowed to drive Division vehicles.

13. The Division may provide vehicles to employees who require a vehicle to carry out their duties for any of the following:

13.1 Duties required in various locations

13.2 Necessity of having tools and/or equipment in their possession at all times

13.3 Responsibility for transporting employees and/or materials to various sites

13.4 Unusual circumstances that are approved by the Superintendent.

14. Generally, Division owned vehicles shall not be used for personal use and shall only be used for the purposes of carrying out Division business. The only exception to this is when it is clearly in the Division's interest for the vehicle to be taken home over night and prior approval must be obtained from the Superintendent. Mileage logs shall be maintained by the employee to quantify the personal use for each employee assigned a vehicle. Mileage logs shall be approved by the supervisor and shall be submitted monthly to the Finance Department.

15. The value of a benefit for personal use of a Division owned vehicle provided to an employee shall be included in the income from employment of the employee and reported on a T4 supplementary annually. The taxable benefit shall be calculated annually based on Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's current rules.

16. In the event of an accident or traffic violation, the incident must be reported immediately to the supervisor and RCMP. Drivers failing to report an incident may be subject to disciplinary action and or dismissal.


Education Act
Revenue Canada Income Tax Interpretation Bulleting T4130
Traffic Act
Municipal Traffic Bylaws


2013 Feb Reviewed
2015 Mar 16 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed