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AP 5 – 05: Special Use of School Buses

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Last Reviewed: 2019 December 17


To ensure that the preferred form of transportation for school sponsored activities is by school bus. SCOPE This procedure applies to all staff.




1. When there are sufficient numbers, students will travel by school or charter bus to the following activities:

1.1. All athletic competitions in various sports leagues

1.2. All field trips with destinations outside the division

1.3. All special events, such as music festivals, drama and theater productions.

2. When the number of students is fifteen (15) or less, Administrative Procedure 5 - 06 (Student Transportation in Private Vehicles) may apply.

3. The bus driver must be provided with an authorized order and student list including home phone numbers from the Principal for all special trips. A duplicate of the authorized order and student list shall be kept at the school.

4. The bus driver is fully responsible for the safe operation of the bus.

5. Supervisors, in conjunction with the bus driver, are responsible for the conduct and discipline of the students.

6. The expected behaviours and prohibited behaviours of student while on School buses (AP 3 – 01 School Bus Transportation Student’s Responsibilities) are to be adhered to.

7. Division-owned buses are for school use only and shall not be made available for use by other groups or for activities which are not school related except by permission of the Director of Transportation in consultation with the Corporate Secretary who will deal with routine requests for use by school-aged groups.


Education Act


2012 Oct 10 Reviewed
2019 Dec 17 Reviewed