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PL 3 – 08.3.2: School Closure

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Date of Approval: 2017 August 1 
Last Amended: 2020 October 7
Last Reviewed: 2020 October 7

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR - Operational Expectations


It is the will of the Board that the Superintendent follow an orderly and fair process to provide the Board appropriate, accurate and complete information when it considers closing a school.

This policy will only be applied in its entirety if the Board has received no statutory exemptions from the Minister. In cases where the Minister has provided the Board with an exemption from all or parts of the statutes and regulations governing school closure, this policy will be applied in a manner that is consistent with the Ministerial exemptions. This application of policy may result in the alteration of procedures listed in the Requirement and Limits portion of this policy.


School closure –as defined by statute.


  1. When the Superintendent determines that circumstances exist which support the consideration of closure of a school, the Superintendent shall report to the Board at its October board meeting. The report should describe the following
    1. student access to a quality basic education program
    2. the economic viability of the operation of the school
    3. the existence of a safe physical environment for students
    4. utilization of the school building(s)
    5. the best interest of the overall management of the school system
    6. enrolment trends
    7. population demographics in the local community.
  2. If, upon receipt of the report, the Board determines that factors warrant consideration of school closure, the Board will by notice of motion to close the school require the Superintendent to
    1. inform staff of the Board’s notice of motion and how this policy will be applied
    2. arrange for a committee consisting of the Superintendent or designate, two Board members (as selected by the Board), one parent of a student attending the school , the principal of the school and other stakeholders invited by the Superintendent to collect information relative to the following
      1. how the closure would affect the student attendance number for schools in the Division
      2. the number of students who would need to be relocated as a result of the closure
      3. the impact on transportation of students
      4. program implications for other schools and for the students when they are attending other schools
      5. the educational and financial impact of closing the school, including the effect on operational costs and capital implications
      6. the educational and financial impact of not closing the school
      7. the disposition of staff if the school is closed
      8. proposed future use or disposal of the school
      9. alternatives to the closure.
    3. arrange for a public meeting, with two Board members in attendance, to review the findings of the Committee. The notice for the meeting shall be advertised as per statute
    4. develop a report for the Board based on the information provided by the Committee and the feedback provided at the meeting
    5. at least three weeks prior to the board meeting where the Board is considering the motion to close the school, inform stakeholders that they may express their opinions, suggestions and recommendations to the Board in a written submission that will be included in the board meeting agenda package.
  3. The Board shall
    1. ensure that two trustees are appointed to the Committee
    2. ensure that two trustees attend the Public Meeting
    3. ensure that the school closure procedures shall be initiated and completed in 12 months
    4. not entertain a motion to close a school until at least three weeks after the public meeting
    5. not entertain a motion to close a school that does not include a closure date that falls within the same school year as the notice of motion.
  4. If the Board approves a motion to close a school the Board shall, as soon as is practically possible, notify the Minister of the decision as per statute.
  5. As required under section 62 of the Education Act, should the Board decide to transfer students from one school building to another school building, the Board shall
    1. Pass a motion indicating the school and students that will be transferred from one location to another
    2. Notify in writing the parent of every student in the school that will be impacted by the action
    3. Notify in writing any other person, municipality or community organization who, in the opinion of the Board, may be significantly affected.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2018 Feb 2 Reviewed
2019 Apr 10 Reviewed
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2020 Oct 7 Amended