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PL 3 – 07.3.0: Fundraising

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Date of Approval: 2019 June 26 
Last Amended: 
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 29

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR - Operational Expectations


It is the will of the Board that the Superintendent shall ensure that fundraising supports the Division’s Organizational Goals.


  1. The Superintendent shall ensure that all Division and school sponsored fundraisers raise funds for projects, events or activities that are consistent with the Division’s Organizational Goals.
  2. Only the Superintendent may approve a fundraising event where there is a potential financial liability to the Division in excess of $20,000. If the Superintendent approves the event the Superintendent must:
    1. inform the Board of the approval at the next Board meeting
    2. provide the Board with a budget for the event
    3. provide the Board with a financial report of the event as soon as is reasonably possible after the event.
  3. For all fundraising events, the Superintendent shall ensure that those raising money and those being asked to contribute are able to access the following information:
    1. the purpose of the fundraiser
    2. what will happen to any excess funds collected
    3. what will happen if the fundraising goal is not met (if applicable)
    4. an accounting summary of revenue and expenses.


2019 June 26 Approved
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed