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PL 3 – 06.0.0: Stakeholder Relations

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Date of Approval: 2017 August 1 
Last Amended: 2020 January 15
Last Reviewed: 2020 January 15

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR - Operational Expectations


It is the will of the Board that the Superintendent shall maintain an organizational culture that communicates with and appropriately seeks input from all stakeholders with respect, and is consistent, coordinated and purposeful.


  1. The Superintendent shall ensure that the public is adequately informed about the condition and direction of the Division by
    1. ensuring the timely flow of information, appropriate input, and strategic two-way dialogue between the residents of the Division that builds understanding and support for organizational efforts
    2. preparing and publishing, on behalf of the Board, an annual progress report to the public that includes the following items
      1. data indicating student progress toward accomplishing the Organizational Goals
      2. Provincial Examination results
      3. information about the strategies, programs and operations intended to accomplish the Organizational Goals
      4. revenues, expenditures and a review of the Division’s financial condition
      5. rationale for school building plans including estimated completion dates, proposed capacity, potential grade configurations, and community growth projections.
  2. The Superintendent shall reasonably include people in decisions that affect them.
  3. The Superintendent shall consult with the community when planning new facilities, or significant grade configuration changes including
    1. the long and short term impacts of the grade configurations to the community and families
    2. student transportation issues
    3. programming issues.
  4. The Superintendent shall effectively handle complaints and concerns raised by stakeholders. The process for handling complaints shall include
    1. a plan to channel complaints to the staff member responsible for the decision
    2. a plan to refer unresolved complaints to the supervisor or manager of the staff member
    3. a plan for the Superintendent to investigate all complaints that are not resolved by the supervisor or manager and report to all parties
    4. if the complaint remains unresolved, the Superintendent shall
      1. report the complaint and the investigation to the Board
      2. advise the complainant of the right to appeal to the Board.

  5. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of any complaint or concern with significant implications to the Division in an appropriate and timely manner.
  6. The Superintendent shall develop linkages with other organizations and agencies to achieve the Organizational Goals, and to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources.
  7. The Superintendent shall not enter into any joint use agreements, partnerships or sponsorships without the approval of the Board.


  1. The Superintendent annually shall provide a list of the information that schools are required to make accessible to stakeholders electronically and/or in print.
  2. On or before the Board’s Organizational Meeting, the Superintendent shall inform the Board of the plan to communicate to stakeholders.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2017 Oct 4 Reviewed
2017 Oct 10 Reviewed
2018 Feb 18 Reviewed
2019 Apr 10 Reviewed
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2020 Jan 15 Amended