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PL 3 – 03.0.0: Instructional Leadership

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Date of Approval: 2017 August 1 
Last Amended: 2021 June 23
Last Reviewed: 2021 June 23


FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR - Operational Expectations


It is the will of the Board that the Superintendent shall ensure that schools develop and deliver a challenging and relevant program that ensures all students in the Division have the opportunity to meet the standards of education set by applicable legislation, the Education Minister and the Board.


Unnecessary intrusions – events or conditions that do not enhance student learning.


  1. The Superintendent shall ensure that schools and adults in contact with students create learning environments where
    1. all students are safe
    2. there is a climate that is characterized by support and encouragement for high student achievement
    3. instructional time provided for students during the academic day, is protected, by prohibiting unnecessary intrusions.
  2. The Superintendent shall ensure that all instructional programs and practices are consistent with the Division’s Organizational Goals.
  3. The Superintendent shall submit for approval of the Board all proposed locally developed courses and off-campus education courses prior to delivery to students.
  4. The Superintendent shall ensure the Board is informed of all significant
    1. program changes
    2. changes in assessment practices
    3. changes in reporting student progress to parents
    4. professional development activities.
  5. The Superintendent shall ensure that schools and teachers clearly communicate to the students and their legal guardians
    1. academic and behavioral expectations and requirements
    2. how academic performance will be assessed and reported.
  6. The Superintendent shall ensure that teachers
    1. are aware of the Division’s instructional expectations and the Division’s Organizational Goals
    2. have access to appropriate, timely, and effective professional development.


  1. Once every quarter, the Superintendent will present a report on all professional development activities that occurred out of the province and out of the country. The report shall include the number of participants, the location, the cost and the goals of the activity.
  2. Annually in October, the Superintendent shall inform the Board of the Division’s professional development plan that includes collaborative days.
  3. Annually, the Superintendent shall provide the Board with a report tracking key benchmarks of student success, including available data regarding:
    1. student literacy and numeracy
    2. high school completion rates and transition rates to post-secondary institutions
    3. Division Diploma and Achievement exam average marks, school awarded marks and participation rates by subject.
  4. Every second year in March, the Superintendent will provide evidence so that the Board can make a decision on collaborative days.
  5. Annually, the Superintendent shall provide the Board with a report on the pre-kindergarten programs offered in the Division, including locations where the program is offered, the number of students enrolled in the program, how it affects school capacity and cost of the program.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2017 Oct 4 Reviewed
2017 Oct 11 Amended
2018 Feb 2 Reviewed
2018 Nov 27 Reviewed
2018 Dec 12 Amended
2019 April 10 Reviewed
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2021 June 23 Amended