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PL 2 – 03.4.0: Trustee Remuneration

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Initial Approval: 2017 August 1
Last Amended: 2022 September 7
Last Reviewed: 2020 September 9

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR – Board Governance and Processes


The Board expects to fairly compensate trustees for the governance work they do.


Approved meetings – Board of Trustee Meetings, Special Meetings of the Board, Education Committee Meetings, In-Camera Board Meetings, committee meetings, Alberta School Boards Association meetings, Public School Boards Association meetings, Teachers’ Convention, Division organized events (including school tours), school council meetings, school public events and any meetings approved by the Board or Board Chair


  1. Trustees will receive the following remuneration
    1. a monthly honoraria of $510
    2. an electronic communications allowance of $150
    3. a per diem rate for approved meetings of $265 per day (including travel time). The per diem is prorated based on the worked per calendar day, according to the following schedule
      1. up to and including 2.5 hours – 0.25 per diem rate
      2. up to and including 4.5 hours – 0.50 per diem rate
      3. up to and including 6.5 hours – 0.75 per diem rate
      4. up to and including 8.5 hours – 1.00 per diem rate
      5. up to and including 10.5 hours – 1.25 per diem rate
      6. over 10.5 hours – 1.50 per diem rate.
    4. an annual contribution to a Health Spending Account of $725
    5. a contribution toward ASEBP equivalent to the package offered to teachers. Trustees over the age of 65, who are not eligible for ASEBP, are eligible to receive the equivalent in Board contributions
    6. compensation for mileage to approved meetings at the Government of Canada automobile allowance rate
    7. with required receipts, compensation for accommodation expenses to approved meetings
    8. with required receipts, compensation for air travel expenses to approved meetings
    9. with required receipts, compensation for meal expenses (including GST and a reasonable tip) to a maximum of
      1. $25 for breakfast
      2. $30 for lunch
      3. $40 for dinner
      4. or as approved by the Board Chair
    10. once per term, trustees will receive either an electronic device from the Division or with required receipts, an allowance up to $750 to purchase an electronic device.
  2. In addition to the trustee remuneration, the Board Chair shall receive an additional monthly honoraria of $425.
  3. In addition to the trustee remuneration, the Board Vice Chair shall receive an additional monthly honoraria of $240.
  4. Designated trustees may claim time for cheque signing.
  5. Trustees may not claim expenditures on alcohol as a reimbursable expense.
  6. Trustees, by motion of the Board, may attend two (2) out of province conferences per term.
  7. Trustees will present monthly claims for remuneration to the Board Chair for approval, within the timelines developed by the Board Chair.


This trustee remuneration policy will be annually reviewed and approved at the Organizational Meeting.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2017 Nov 1 Amended
2018 Jan 10 Amended
2018 June 27 Amended
2019 April 10 Amended
2019 Sept 11 Amended
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2020 Sept 9 Reviewed
2022 Sept 7 Amended