Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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PL 2 – 03.0.0: Role of the Trustee

Related Policies: PL 3-04.1.0 Staff Hiring - PL 3-06.0.0 Stakeholder Relations
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Initial Approval: 2017 August 1
Last Amended: 2018 June 27
Last Reviewed: 2020 September 30

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR – Board Governance and Processes


Trustees will devote time, thought and study to the duties of a School Trustee so that they may render effective and credible service.


  1. Trustees will familiarize themselves with the Division’s policies and adhere to them.
  2. Trustees will familiarize themselves with applicable legislation and not violate it.
  3. Trustees will keep informed of the activities of the Division, communities within the Division and general trends in education.
  4. Trustees will strive to ensure that meetings of the Board and meetings of Board committees are conducted efficiently and effectively, while following applicable laws and encouraging robust discussion by
    1. regularly attending meetings of the Board and Board committees they have been elected to. If they are unable to attend the member will inform the Chair or the Committee Chair.
    2. coming to meetings on time
    3. preparing for the meeting by being familiar with meeting agendas and reports
    4. supporting the Chair’s efforts to facilitate an orderly meeting by speaking when recognized, not interrupting other members or engaging in side conversations
    5. registering a vote on every resolution at the meeting, unless, as per statute, the member recuses himself or herself.

  5. Trustees will participate in staff hiring as per PL 3 - 04.1.0 Staff Hiring.
  6. At the annual Board Organization meeting, every trustee will choose one month to review one batch of cheques and electronic transfers issued by the Division. The trustee will determine a date to review the batch not later than 10 days from the time the batch was issued and not inform the finance department of the review date until the date of the review.
  7. With the consent of the Board Chair or by Board motion, any trustee may review any batch of cheques and electronic transfers at any time.
  8. When presented with stakeholder concerns, that are operational in nature, the trustee will encourage the stakeholder to seek resolution to the issue at the school level first.
  9. Trustees will forward stakeholder concerns that are operational in nature to the Board and/or the Board Chair and/or the Superintendent for resolution as per PL 3 - 06.0.0 Stakeholder Relations.
  10. All trustees will support and accurately represent corporate decisions of the Board.
  11. Trustees will maintain confidentiality appropriate to sensitive issues and information that otherwise may lead to compromising the integrity or legal standing of the Board.
  12. Trustees will not attempt to exercise individual authority over the organization, including but not limited to
    1. assuming personal responsibility for resolving operational problems or complaints
    2. personally directing any employee of the Division
    3. speaking to stakeholders in a manner that undermines the decisions of the Board.


  1. Trustees will be familiar with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FOIP) and its implications for trustees’ duties and adhere to the requirements of the Act.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2018 June 27 Amended
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2020 Sept 30 Reviewed