Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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PL 2 – 02.1.0: Role of the Board Chair

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Initial Approval: 2017 August 1
Last Amended: 2020 October 7
Last Reviewed: 2020 October 7

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR – Board Governance and Processes


The Board expects the Chair elected by the Board to support and represent the Board in the pursuit of the Division’s Organizational Goals.


  1. The Board Chair will assume duties and obligations as determined by Board resolutions.
  2. The Board Chair will assume responsibility for all required statutory duties and Board policies.
  3. Inform trustees of policy violations and work with the Board to ensure that all trustees adhere to required statutory regulations and policies.
  4. Prior to meetings of the Board the Board Chair will
    1. solicit agenda items from trustees prior to agenda setting where possible
    2. develop a meeting agenda with the Superintendent
    3. ensure trustees are provided with a copy of the proposed agenda and supporting documentation
    4. set timelines for the submission of trustee remuneration claims.
  5. At meetings of the Board the Board Chair will
    1. conduct meetings guided by Robert’s Rules of Order except where superseded by statute
    2. assure that discussions are productive, inclusive, efficient and orderly
    3. advise the Board when it is taking actions that are not consistent with the Board’s policies, the Division’s administrative procedures and with other obligations imposed by agencies whose authority supersedes the Board
    4. ensure that minutes are recorded and that those minutes accurately reflect meeting discussion and Board resolutions
    5. ensure that every trustee present votes on every issue, unless a trustee, as per statute, recuses himself or herself.
  6. The Board Chair will represent the Board as its official spokesperson regarding issues decided by the Board and other matters related to official Board business.
  7. The Board Chair will serve as ex-officio member with voting privileges on all Board Committees.
  8. The Board Chair will compile and facilitate the Board’s summative evaluation of the Superintendent.
  9. The Board Chair shall ensure that public members of the Audit Committee are invited to review the Audited Financial Statement with the Board.
  10. The Board Chair has no authority to direct the Superintendent.
  11. The Board Chair will review and authorize on behalf of the Board
    1. trustee expense and per diem claims
    2. the Superintendent’s expense claims.
  12. The Board Chair may delegate any of these responsibilities, but the Chair remains accountable for any resulting actions.


  1. At least three business days prior to the meeting date, the Board Chair ensures that trustees receive or have electronic access to agendas and supporting documentation for Education Committee and Board of Trustee Meetings.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2017 Oct 4 Reviewed
2017 Oct 11 Amended
2018 Feb 18 Reviewed
2019 Apr 10 Reviewed
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed
2020 Oct 7 Amended