Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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PL 2 – 01.1.0: Policy Development

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Initial Approval: 2017 August 1
Last Amended:
Last Reviewed: 2019 November 29

FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR – Board Governance and Processes


The Board expects all its policies to be lawful, clear and supportive of the achievement of the Organizational Goals.


  1. The Board shall ensure that all policies are compliant with relevant legislation and regulations, and consistent with existing Board policies and agreements.
  2. By carried motion at a Board meeting, any trustee or the Superintendent may initiate the process leading to the preparation of a new policy or the amendment of an existing policy.
  3. New policies and policy amendments shall be:
    1. drafted by the Policy Committee
    2. presented to the Board for modification, amendment and first reading approval
    3. presented to the Board for final approval no sooner than one Board meeting following first reading approval
    4. become effective upon final approval, unless an effective future date is otherwise specified.
  4. In exceptional cases, the Board may waive the requirements for development and approval of policies outlined in Process 3 by a majority vote.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2019 Nov 29 Reviewed