Board Policies & Administrative Procedures

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PL 2 – 01.0.0: Role of the Board

Related Policies: PL 2 – 01.0.1 Capital Plan Priorities Exhibit 1
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Initial Approval: 2017 August 1
Last Amended: 2021 September 8
Last Reviewed: 2021 September 8


FOUNDATIONAL PILLAR – Board Governance and Processes


The Board expects that the Division Goals are achieved in accordance with legislation and policy.


1. The Board will implement all required statutory regulations and policies.

2. The Board will ensure that all trustees adhere to required statutory regulations and policies.

3. The Board will guide the Division’s operations by producing policy that provides the Superintendent with clear corporate direction.

4. The Board will:

a. Three times throughout the year on or near August, November and February (dates to be finalized annually by the Board), the Board will engage in strategic planning in consultation with the Superintendency team to develop, review and or modify the Division's Education plan.
b. Three times a year, monitor the Division's Goals.

5. At the annual Board Organizational meeting, the Board will appoint three (3) trustees to have signing authority. Two (2) of the three (3) will be the Board Chair and Vice Chair unless circumstances do not permit the Chair or Vice Chair to be able to have signing authority.

6. In the fall, the Board will conduct an Organizational meeting as per policy.

7. The Board will regularly engage stakeholders to build an understanding of the Division’s work as well as sharing viewpoints and values.

8. The Board will monitor and improve its performance by:

a. monitoring the effectiveness of all policies
b. providing trustees with budgetary support to build the knowledge and skills necessary for effective  governance
c. holding trustees accountable to the Board
d. assessing the progress on the goals set by the Board
e. regularly reviewing and assessing the Board’s performance.

9. The Board will evaluate the Superintendent’s performance. 

10. The Board will hear stakeholder appeals to administrative decisions.

11. The Board will name or rename the division, schools, portions of schools, school grounds and other Division facilities.

12. Annually, the Board will approve the Division’s budget.

13. Annually, the Board will approve the Division’s Capital Plan. The Board will use PL 2 – 01.0.1 Capital Plan Priorities Exhibit 1 as a guide to setting priorities within the Capital Plan.

14. After considering the recommendation of the Audit Committee, the Board will appoint an independent auditor to conduct an annual external review of the Division’s financial condition who will report directly to the Board.

15. Prior to an election, the Board will appoint a returning officer.

16. The Board will appoint two members (who are not trustees and have no relation to the Auditor) to a two (2) year term. One of the appointees shall be a member of the business community and the other a member of the adult learning community.

17. The Board will develop and approve the Superintendent's contract in partnership with the Superintendent.

18. The Board will approve the bargaining mandate in accordance with legislation for all unionized employees.

19. The Board will approve the total compensation package for all non-unionized employees and ratify collective agreements for all unionized employees.

20. The Board will approve all locally developed courses.

21. Annually, the Board will set school and transportation fees.

22.The Board will approve the Division Student Attendance Calendar.

23. The Board will retain decision making authority not otherwise delegated to the Superintendent.


1. In the spring the Board shall develop a Work Plan, for the upcoming year, that includes

a. scheduled sessions for engagement with stakeholder groups and individuals (including political figures)
b. a schedule for the development and approval of the budget
c. a schedule for the quarterly review of budgets and actual expenditures
d. a schedule for the development and approval of the Three-Year Educational Plan
e. a schedule for a review of the Annual Education Results Report
f. a schedule for the development of Division’s Student Attendance Calendar
g. a plan for Board and trustees to professionally develop governance knowledge and skills
h. a schedule for monitoring of policies
i. a schedule for developing, reviewing and or modifying the Division's Education Plan
j. a schedule for reviewing the Divisions Goals
k. other events and activities that are part of the Board's interests.

2. The Work Plan shall be included with the agenda package at each Board meeting and updated as required.


2017 Aug 1 Approved
2017 Oct 11 Amended
2018 Feb 2 Amended
2018 June 27 Amended
2019 Mar 22 Reviewed
2019 Dec 11 Amended
2020 Oct 7 Amended
2021 Sept 8 Amended