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Students excel at language proficiency in French

A note from Marie-Astrid Detharet - Learning Services Coordinator, French Immersion:

Nothing makes me happier than seeing how far our amazing students have come. This week has been DELF testing week, which tests our students’ language proficiency in French. They have worked hard and it showed. Seeing our grade 12 students converse, debate and argue in French has never made me happier. The grade 10 and 8 students held their own and showed their second language skills without hesitation.

Times like this makes me thankful and humble at the efforts of all the amazing French Immersion teachers these students have had in every grade. All the extra work teachers and students have done - not to mention all the sacrifices they have made, are worth it in times like these when students show their true ability and they themselves see their future possibilities grow before their eyes. Learning a second language truly opens doors to other possibilities students might never have considered.

Merci beaucoup, From an exhausted but incredibly happy teacher!