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School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

Gratitude: Students and staff at C.P. Blakely Elementary School in Sylvan Lake shared their appreciation with their bus drivers with a masked gift!

We love our bus drivers!!

Schools throughout Chinook’s Edge are ensuring our bus drivers know we appreciate them!

A message from Education Minister, Adriana LaGrange:

“School bus drivers play an important role in the safety and well-being of the 300,000 students they safely transport to and from school each day in our province.

“Alberta’s government recognizes that school bus drivers are a vital part of our school communities. For many students, the school day starts the moment they board the bus to go to school.

“Their efforts are even more important during this pandemic. School bus drivers are following COVID-19 guidelines to ensure student safety on school buses and are taking extra precautions, such as sanitizing their buses and keeping daily logs of seating plans, to assist with contact tracing.

“The Student Transportation Association of Alberta has requested that May 3 be declared School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. I am proud to do so and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of school bus drivers in the province. “I encourage everyone to join me in saying thank you to our hardworking school bus drivers and to applaud their extra efforts during this pandemic.”