Let's Talk Social Emotional Well-being

In Chinook’s Edge, we know that creating a positive social-emotional culture in our schools will significantly impact the well-being and achievement of both students and staff. We care deeply about this priority and the entire division is engaged in creating SEW supportive classrooms. Social Emotional Well-being (SEW) has been a key divisional goal for us for several years.

Under the direction of Dr. Marcie Perdue, Associate Superintendent of Student Services, Chinook’s Edge has developed a series of training sessions for school leaders, teachers and support staff. The focus of these sessions is to promote universal social emotional strategies such as focusing on the classroom environment and using visuals to support classroom routines.

This determined focus will help students and staff reach their full potential. When everyone in our school communities are met each morning knowing they are welcome, safe, cared for and respected, they are more open to learning, leading and succeeding.

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