What are people saying about French Immersion?



  • I don't know how to speak just English, but I know how to speak French too. Eden, École Steffie Woima Elementary (Grade 2)
  • I like being in French Immersion because you can learn lots of stuff. Plus French is fun. Plus now I already know another language. And that's why French Immersion is so awesome. Gracie, École Steffie Woima Elementary (Grade 2)
  • I want to be a French teacher, so French is important to me. Emma, École Steffie Woima Elementary (Grade 4)











            Grades 5 and 6 students at Ecole Innisfail Middle School



  • I like French because when you go to a francophone country you know what people are saying. I also like French so I can teach my mom French. Jessica, École Innisfail Middle School (Grade 5)
  • It's a part of who I am because I have been learning it since I was little. If I didn't have it, it would be like losing a part of me. Kayla, École Fox Run School (Grade 7)
  • French Immersion gave me a second language that I can now speak fluently. It gives students a characteristic that not most people have, like being able to work at the airport! It could give us a better job for our future. Plus I can read labels on products at Costco now! Ainsley, École Fox Run School (Grade 7)
  • I think it's fun because I still get to learn everything in science and social, but in French. Noah, École Fox Run School (Grade 8)
  • It's really fun and you meet lots of cool people and the teachers are great! Jenica, École Fox Run School (Grade 7)
  • French Immersion is really important to me because it is a big part of me and my family. It's one of my many talents I love so much. Kayla, École Fox Run School (Grade 7)

High School...

  • The importance of being in French Immersion is that we live in a bilingual country, and knowing both the official languages will give us more opportunities. There are also a lot of opportunities available to us in school such as exchanges and trips. Mikayla, Olds High School
  • French Immersion teaches not only another language, but how to think creatively and open-mindedly. There are so many opportunities to experience new cultures in very unique ways. Because of French Immersion, I have friends in Quebec and France that I would not have otherwise met. There are so many educational opportunities at every level for FI students, all unique in their own respect. Since I have been in French Immersion, I have gained both a deeper understanding and appreciation for other cultures. I have also attained a greater sense of individuality and confidence. McKenna, Olds High School
  • The value of learning a different language is endless. Languages connect people together, it makes countries diverse. Learning a different language opens up endless doors. Rachel, Olds High School
  • French Immersion is important as it provides you with the tools required to become fluent in one of nation's official languages. Learning a second language is not only a practical skill, but also helps to grasp any new language you learn in the future. The most important aspect of being in French Immersion is simply found in the title: Immersion. Being immersed in the language helps further understanding and vocabulary more than any other method I've experienced. Christian, École H.J. Cody School (Grade 11) 

Why We Love Being in French Immersion...

(By Mme. Rebecca Began's Grade 5 students at École Steffie Woima Elementary)

  • I like learning another language because my parents said it could help me get more jobs because here in Canada we have two official languages, and now I can speak both!
  • Learning another language is so easy when I'm young
  • I can travel more easily and with confidence when I have more languages
  • It gives me a new challenge
  • It gives me a secret code that I can speak with my brother that my parents don't know
  • Having another language looks way better on my future résumé
  • When I'm a teenager I can get better summer jobs where I can meet people from other countries who also speak French
  • I like learning new words in another language because it makes me feel really smart
  • It is FUN, useful and handy for when I travel
  • There are way more opportunities for me out there having French and it helps me learn other languages more easily, like Italian and Spanish too
  • Knowing more languages helps me make more new friends for life
  • It could help win the Amazing Race Canada one day!

Administrators & Teachers...

  • French Immersion provides a unique diversity to a public school that helps to introduce and increase awareness of other cultures for all students. Jay Steeves, Principal, École Innisfail Middle School
  • French Immersion opens children's minds to global communities and thinking. The Immersion program offers life experiences that other children in other programs do not receive. French Immersion students are not afraid to take chances and pick themselves up when they make mistakes. Cody Pivert, Teacher, École Innisfail Middle School
  • French Immersion creates opportunities for our students to pursue their interests in cultural experiences, travel and career possibilities. It builds confidence and enables each of them to write their own success stories following high school. Dave Elwood, Principal, École H.J. Cody School
  • French Immersion allows all of our students to have a broad exposure to and understanding of what bilingualism and multiculturalism is all about. Hugh Davidson, former Principal, École Steffie Woima Elementary


Ecole Steffie Woima Elementary students crocheting


  • French Immersion is very important for my children. The program provides them the possibility to learn and progress with a second language. Being bilingual will offer them more opportunities with their career choices, travels, and other experiences in their future. Their ongoing French Immersion education, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, is very important to attain their maximum potential with this second language. Michelle (École Steffie Woima Elementary)
  • French Immersion is important to us as a family because it is our heritage. My children are able to speak to their grandparents in their native language. It's important because it brings different life experiences, as well as job opportunities. Diane (École Steffie Woima Elementary)
  • Learning any second language allows the child's brain to develop more fully as crossing hemispheres happens frequently. It also enables them to pick up music and other languages more easily. French classes are often smaller, kids become quite familiar with one another in a small group setting, and students develop close friendships. If I could've been fluent in a second language by the time I graduated, that would've been awesome! Who wouldn't take advantage of this opportunity? Alana (École Steffie Woima Elementary)
  • This generation of kids is going to be entering a fiercely competitive workplace, where average simply isn't good enough. Now that bachelor's degrees have become the rule instead of the exception, our kids will need something more to set them apart from the pack to help them reach goals and open the door to global opportunities. Learning another language later in life, even later in their school years is very difficult, and without being immersed in it daily, they will likely never be fluent in it. By starting kids in French as soon as they go to school, they pick the language up easily and don't even realize what an immeasurable edge they are gaining. The French Immersion program is an essential tool for the future for my children. Heather (École Steffie Woima Elementary)
  • French Immersion is an amazing program and is important because it enhances brain development and opens doors for the future. Parent (École Innisfail Middle School)


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