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Welcome to Transportation Services. Thank you for visiting our web page. For quick links to get around this site, please look to the left. (If you are viewing this website from a mobile phone, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links.) For a look at the Administrative Procedure (AP5-11) that guides the decision making for this department, please click here. Other information brochures, handbooks and forms are located below. For up-to-date route information, please click on the box "ROUTES - DELAYS AND CANCELLATIONS" to the left. If you cannot find what you need, please call our office at 403 227-7072





****NEW as of 2020/2021 School Year***



The re-enrollment form for both Urban and Rural students will be automatically sent if your child is registered on a bus in the previous year via School Engage

If you wish to enroll for busing for the 2020-2021 school year the registration forms are now accessible through PowerSchool Parent Portal

New students to the Division who require busing will have to register through the school following this link  New School Registration

For parents with no Parent Portal set up as of yet you may access this link School Engage

Currently enrolled students in the Division who require busing click on this link PowerSchool and follow directions below:

When in PowerSchool Parent Portal

Click on the "School Engage" link on the bottom left hand side of the page

  then click on "students" tab on the left side of the page and then choose each student individually

The form is accessible on the top right hand side of the screen and click on the form labeled:


(for current students registered on bus)

“2020-2021 Transportation Re-Enrollment Form”

(for new registrations and enrolled in a school but not currently registered on a bus)

“2020-2021 Transportation Request Form”


For students new to the Division you must request busing through the 

"2020/2021 Student Registration Form" and a form will be assigned


If you experience problems accessing your Parent Portal please contact the school directly to assist you as Transportation is unable to provide Student ASN numbers

Any other transportation questions please contact Transportation Services at or 403-227-7072.

Please be aware that non-funded riders may be bumped from a seat on a bus throughout the school year if there is a need to create space for funded riders. If a non-funded rider is bumped, a prorated refund of the transportation fee will be provided. 


Forms and Brochures (to view, click on the desired document) 



Boy getting on a school bus from MyCuteGraphics

Do you know the traffic rules when it comes to school buses?  Click here for a video.

Did You Know:

Chinook's Edge runs 116 full time bus routes including 5 special needs routes.

Common Questions:

Why should my child be dressed appropriately for the weather?

In the event a bus breaks down or gets stuck, it is important that students are dressed for the weather conditions. If a bus breakdown occurs it may be some time before another bus comes or alternate arrangements can be made to transport students.

What should students do if the bus does not pick them up?

Parents should ensure that their children have a plan in the event that the bus does not arrive to pick them up. Children must be aware of how long to wait at their stop before returning home or going to their alternate location.

Having a plan in place is very important for safety when parents have to leave for work prior to the arrival of the school bus.


Transportation Related Policies

To view the Administrative Procedures related to Transportation and more, please visit our Administative Procedures page.