Technology FAQ's

1. What 6 programs will my CESD username and password give me access to?
Your email username and password will now apply when you log in to Windows, Outlook, CESD Google, Virtual Desktop, Moodle, and MyBudgetFile (for administration) However, to make this happen you must change your password at the end of the day. The next morning, your new password will work for these six applications.

2. How do I change my password?

The Process...
Passwords are synchronized from Active Directory (e.g. used for computer logins) to Google.   To change the Gmail password, you need to change it in Active Directory first.  
How To...
To change your password in Active Directory, you need to login to a Chinook's Edge computer (i.e. not a personal computer) that is connected to the Chinook's Edge network (i.e. login at school NOT home) .  Then you press CTRL-ALT-DELETE  keys at the same time and select CHANGE PASSWORD.  The new password should be a "strong" password (i.e. minimum 8 characters, mixture of UPPER CASE, lower case, numbers and/or symbols).  
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Changing Passwords From a Chromebook
Staff can change their computer/Google passwords on a Chromebook if they go to:
This will work only on our network and will not work from home.


3. How do new staff members obtain an email account and password when they begin working in our schools?

As soon as a new staff member is hired, People Services notifies Technology Services. Two admin contacts at the school will receive an email from the Technology Helpdesk with the new account information.

4. How do new teachers obtain a PowerTeacher (and IMC) username and password when they begin teaching in our division?
As soon as a new teacher's email account is live (see #3), the PowerTeacher (and IMC) username, password, and training information will be emailed to the new teacher.

5. How do new students obtain a username and password when they begin attending school?
The morning after the student is entered into PowerSchool, school administrative support staff will be able to see the username and password in PowerSchool. They can then print off a card using the ‘CESD Computer Login In’ mailing label.

6. How do Principals request simpler passwords for K-4 students?
Email ( The passwords can be the same for all the K-4 children in your school, but they must be at least six characters in length and contain an uppercase, a number, and a special character. (Example: Tiger=9) This only applies to schools that do not use Virtual Desktops, Elive or Moodle. These schools must continue to use regular passwords.