Our Schools

Chinook’s Edge provides public schooling for a broad area in Central Alberta, stretching from Carstairs in the south to the Red Deer region in the north. Our Delburne and Elnora schools are located on our eastern boundaries, and Sylvan Lake, Sundre and Cremona are on the western boundary of our division. We are one of the largest rural school division in the province, with 44 schools and approximately 11,000 students.


Bowden Bowden Grandview School
Box 40, 2238 - 21 Avenue
Bowden, AB  T0M 0K0
Phone: 403-224-3250
Fax: 403-224-2767
Principal: Jeff Thompson
Vice Principals: Margo Nygard
Grades K-12 Website
Carstairs Carstairs Elementary School
Box 1440, 1404 Scarlett Ranch Blvd.
Carstairs, AB  T0M 0N0
Phone: 403-337-8670
Fax: 403-337-4276
Principal: John Goutsis
Vice Principal: Lara Pawluk
Grades K-2 Website
  Hugh Sutherland School
R.R.#1, Corner of Highways 581 & 2A
Carstairs, AB  T0M 0N0
Phone: 403-337-3326
Fax: 403-337-3918
Principal: George Thomson
Vice-Principals: Dean Nielsen
                                 Laura Lee Hrabok
Grades 3-12 Website
Cremona Cremona School
General Delivery, 206 - 3rd Street East
Cremona, AB  T0M 0R0
Phone: 403-637-3856
Fax: 403-637-3830
Principal: Joanna Harvey
Vice-Principal: Corina MacDonald
Grades K-12 Website
Crossfield Neudorf Hutterite
R.R. #1
Crossfield, AB  T0M 0S0
Phone: 403-946-4011
Fax: 403-946-4011
Principal: Daryl Brown
Teacher: Robin Rasmussen
Grades K-9  
Delburne Delburne School
Box 280, 2611 - 18 Street
Delburne, AB  T0M 0V0
Phone: 403-749-3838
Fax: 403-749-3012
Principal: Ted Hutchings
Vice-Principals: Stephen Banks
                                 Carol Tovell
Grades K-12 Website
Didsbury Didsbury Career High School
Box 1800, #212, 2034 - 19th Avenue
Didsbury, AB  T0M 0W0
Phone: 403-335-3407
Fax: 403-335-4293
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 10-12 Website
  Didsbury High School
1515 – 15 Avenue
Didsbury, AB  T0M 0W0
Phone: 403-335-3356
Fax: 403-335-8036
Principal: Garth Dagg
Vice-Principal: Curtis Dick
Grades 9-12 Website
  Ross Ford Elementary School
Box 250, 2016 - 23 Street
Didsbury, AB    T0M 0W0
Phone: 403-335-3234
Fax: 403-335-4930
Principal: Brent Runnett
Vice-Principal: Tabitha Powell
Grades K-4 Website
  Westglen School
Postal Bag 200, 2405 - 23 Avenue
Didsbury, AB   T0M 0W0
Phone: 403-335-8700
Fax: 403-335-8702
Principal: Carolyn Massel
Vice-Principal: Allan Whitehead
Grades 5-8 Website
Elnora Elnora School
Box 530, Princess Street
Elnora, AB  T0M 0Y0
Phone: 403-773-3624
Fax: 403-773-3744
Principal: Larry Neville Grades K-8 Website
Innisfail École Innisfail High School
4459 – 51 Avenue
Innisfail, AB  T4G 1A8
Phone: 403-227-3244
Fax: 403-227-2595
Principal: Wayne Pineau
Vice-Principals: Scott MacDonald
Grades 9-12 Website
  École Innisfail Middle School
4501 – 52 Avenue
Innisfail, AB  T4G 1A8
Phone: 403-227-0060
Fax: 403-227-0061
Principal: Danica Martin
Vice-Principal: Carolynne Muncer
Grades 5-8 Website
  École John Wilson Elementary School
4401 – 52 Avenue
Innisfail, AB   T4G 1A7
Phone: 403-227-3292
Fax: 403-227-6006
Principal: Angela Warke
Vice-Principal: Lisa Baird
Grades K-4 Website
  Innisfail Career High School
4404 – 42 Avenue
Innisfail, AB  T4G 1P6
Phone: 403-227-0141
Fax: 403-227-0172
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 10-12 Website
Olds École Deer Meadow School
5411 – 61 Avenue
Olds, AB  T4H 1T2
Phone: 403-556-1003
Fax: 403-556-1063
Principal: Carey Collin
Vice-Principal: Georgie Perigny
Grades 5-8 Website
  École Olds Elementary School
5413 - 53rd Street
Olds, AB   T4H 1S9
Phone: 403-556-8477
Fax: 403-556-3858
Principal: Rod MacLean
Vice-Principal: Melissa McEwen
Grades K-4 Website
  Horizon School
5401 – 53 Street
Olds, AB  T4H 1T3
Phone: 403-556-6310
Fax: 403-556-1640
Principal: Heather Linski
Vice-Principal: Judith Knight
Grades K-12 Website
  Off Campus Learning Centre
C-5314 - 46 Street
Olds, Alberta   T4H 1B8
Phone: 403-556-8606
Fax: 403-556-8683
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 1-9 Website
  Olds Career High School
C-5314 - 46 Street
Olds, Alberta   T4H 1B8
Phone: 403-556-8606
Fax: 403-556-8683
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 10-12 Website
  Olds High School
Box 3709, 4500 – 50 Street
Olds, AB  T4H 1P5
Phone: 403-556-3391
Fax: 403-556-3375
Principal: Tom Christensen
Vice-Principals: Gayleen Roelfsema
                                  Kent Lorenz
Grades 9-12 Website
  Olds Koinonia Christian School
Box 4039
Olds, AB    T4H 1P7
Phone: 403-556-4038
Fax: 403-556-8770
Principal: Dwayne Brown
Vice-Principal: Paul Casurella
Grades K-12 Website
  Reed Ranch School
Box 12, Site 5, R.R. #1
Olds, AB    T4H 1P2
Phone: 403-556-2429
Fax: 403-556-2429
Self-Managed Team Grades 1-6 Website
Penhold Jessie Duncan School
Box 29, 105 Newton Drive
Penhold, AB   T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-2233
Fax: 403-886-2589
Principal: Trudy Henry
Vice-Principal: Willa Wanke
Grades PreK-1 Website
  Penhold Elementary School
Box 130, 1500 Fleming Avenue
Penhold, AB  T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-4390
Fax: 403-886-5249
Principal: Clark Peters
Vice-Principal: Susan Dillabough-Delemont
Grades 2-5 Website
  Penhold Crossing Secondary School
1 Waskasoo Avenue
Penhold, AB  T0M 1R0
Phone: 403-886-8604
Principal: Mark Crawford
Vice-Principal: Jim Burbridge
Grades 6-12 Website
Red Deer County Gasoline Alley Career High School
#104, 159B Leva Avenue
Red Deer County, AB T40 0A5
Phone: 403-346-9998
Fax: 403-346-0990
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 9-12 Website
  Pine Hill Hutterite School
R.R. #4
Red Deer, AB  T4N 5E4
Phone: 403-886-2120
Principal: Daryl Brown
Teacher: Richard Noden
Grades K-9  
  Poplar Ridge School
38458 RR 283
Red Deer County, AB  T4N 5E1
Phone: 403-343-8821
Fax: 403-347-8138
Principal: Jody Dennis
Vice-Principal: Claire Funk
Grades K-6 Website
  Rainbow Colony School
26052 TWP Road 350
Red Deer County, AB  T4G 0M4
Phone: 403-227-4611
Fax: 403-227-4614
Principal: Daryl Brown
Teacher: Debbie Rafuse
Grades 1-9  
Spruce View Spruce View School
Box 130
Spruce View, AB  T0M 1V0
Phone: 403-728-3459
Fax: 403-728-3155
Principal: Jay Steeves
Vice-Principal: Cherie Sanche
Grades K-12 Website
Sundre River Valley School
Postal Bag 6, 310 Center Street North
Sundre, AB    T0M 1X0
Phone: 403-638-3939
Fax: 403-638-4552
Principal: Leslie Cooper-Shand
Vice-Principals: Tanya Braybrook
                                 Ian Mulholland
Grades K-8 Website
  Sundre High School
Postal Bag 2, 102 – 2 Avenue NW
Sundre, AB  T0M 1X0
Phone: 403-638-4545
Fax: 403-638-4568
Principal: Scott Saunders
Vice-Principal: Tyler Jesse
Grades 9-12 Website
  Sundre Learning Center
Postal Bag 2, 102 – 2 Avenue NW
Sundre, AB    T0M 1X0
Phone: 403-638-3135
Fax: 403-638-4568
Principal: Scott Saunders
Vice-Principal: Tyler Jesse
Grades 10-12  
Sylvan Lake Beacon Hill Elementary School
Plan to open mid-November 2016
Principal: Trevor Sanche
Vice-Principal: Suzanne Thibault
Grades K-5 Website
  C. P. Blakely School
4815 – 43 Street
Sylvan Lake, AB  T4S 1A3
Phone: 403-887-3570
Fax: 403-887-2841
Principal: Anne Frey
Vice-Principal: Kimberley Cocks
Grades K-5 Website
  École Fox Run School
2 Falcon Ridge Drive
Sylvan Lake, AB  T4S 2H1
Phone: 403-887-0491
Fax: 403-887-2496
Principal: Don Rattray
Vice-Principal: Tracey Lynn
Grades 6-8 Website
  École H. J. Cody School
4520 – 50 Street
Sylvan Lake, AB  T4S 1A4
Phone: 403-887-2412 or: 1-888-887-2412
Fax: 403-887-3732
Principal: Mike Garrow
Vice-Principals: Darcy Marshall
                                  Alexandra Lambert
Grades 9-12 Website
  École Steffie Woima Elementary School
4720 – 45 Avenue
Sylvan Lake, AB    T4S 1A5
Phone: 403-887-3088
Fax: 403-887-4731
Principal: Angela Eadie-Gyori
Vice-Principal: Dawn Normoyal
Grades K-5 Website
  Sylvan Lake Career High
Lakeview Heights
#6, 1 Sylvan Drive
Sylvan Lake, AB  T4S 1J9
Phone: 403-887-3239
Fax: 403-887-3068
Principal: Daryl Brown Grades 10-12 Website