Provincial Protocol Framework: Success in Schools

Success In Schools for Children and Youth in Care - Provincial Protocol Framework (PPF)
This is a joint venture between Alberta Education and Children and Youth Services (CYS) to support improved school outcomes and high school completion rates for children and youth in provincial government care.  It provides opportunities for collaboration with the child/youth, their caregivers and other learning team members to share information and engage in joint decision-making to plan for and support school success for children and youth in care.

More information can be found on the Alberta Education Website at:

Our goal at CESD for Success in School, is to have all of our students in care meeting with their learning team and creating a Success in School plan.  The Learning Support Teacher focusing on Inclusive Education is responsible for organizing and facilitating these meetings. These meetings should occur within about 8 weeks of the student registering. Is the caseworker's responsibility to contact the school prior to registering a new student in care.  The purpose of these meetings is to share information and create goals with the student and his/her team for the year to support his/her progress. The student is an essential and important part of the team.

Handouts for Participants before the SIS Meeting
Prior to the date of the Success in School Plan initial meeting, please ensure that you have had conversation with each team member and that he/she receives his/her corresponding handout.

SIS Learning Support Team Handout
SIS Student Handout
SIS Caseworker Handout
SIS Caregiver Handout
SIS Group Care Handout
SIS Teacher Handout

Success in School Meeting Paperwork
The paperwork that you will need to complete with the team during these meetings is located below.  The paperwork you use will depend on whether or not the student has an Individual Program Plan (IPP).

1.  Students, who DO NOT require an IPP, require the documents below:


2.  Students who DO require an IPP, require the following document:

More ideas to obtain student perspectives about school can be found on the two following resources:

Alberta Education has also provided a variety of Tip Sheets
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If you have any questions about Success in School, please contact your zone's Student Service Coordinator.