Play outside the box

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Play outside the box

By turning off technology and trying new things, relationships grow.

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   ♦ 7 Trends that will reshape our schools
   ♦ Cyberbullying Research Centre- Dr. Sameer Hinduja
   ♦ Define the Line: Clarifying the blurred lines between cyberbullying and digital citizenship
   ♦ Empowering Parents: Parenting Articles about Technology and Kids
   ♦ Participaction: Research
   ♦ Promise and Peril: The Impact of Technology on Children, Schools, and Communities
   ♦ Screen time taking-over as parents' new bargaining chip

When schools and families work together to model and practice communication, relationship and social emotional skills, learning is optimized in the two settings where children spend most of the time (pg. 4, Report on Social Emotional Learning…)


   ♦ Cyberbullying Research Centre
   ♦ Cyberbullying Research Centre: Resources for Parents
   ♦ Cyberbullying Research Centre: Resources for Teens
   ♦ ParentsCanada: Play & Activities
   ♦ Participaction: Let's Get Moving
   ♦ Participaction: Make Room for Play Campaign
   ♦ Safer Internet Day
   ♦ The screen time dilemma



Participaction: Make Room for Play Campaign


Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone? (TED Talk)