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Parents Matter Committee Update - February 2017

The Board of Education has spent time consulting with our Parents Matter Committee reps and our Parent Advisory Council members in the communities we represent, in an effort to determine the most effective manner to engage parents. Much of what we heard indicates many people feel a personal visit from their Trustee to their school or community to provide the most meaningful exchange of information.

Although we value the role of the Parents Matter Committee as an advisory group to the Board and Central Office staff, moving forward we will be primarily connecting with our school’s Parent Advisory Councils as our method of parent and public engagement. We hope to draw on the ideas and culture set by the Parents Matter Committee on ad hoc basis, to advise the Board and Central Office from time to time on issues as they arise.

We encourage parents to contact their local Trustee or utilize the electronic question box to express concerns or questions directly with Superintendent Kurt Sacher. (, Board tab) As well, all school websites provide their Trustee’s contact information under the Staff tab.

All Chinook’s Edge Trustees are always interested in hearing from you! Your voice matters in the conversations and pathways that lead to meaningful learning in Chinook’s Edge, and we look forward to engaging more parents right in their community. Thank you for your  involvement in our Chinook’s Edge schools and your support of our work on behalf of the students we serve.

Trustee Sherry Cooper, Parents Matter Committee Chair



Parents Matter Meeting Highlights
        - May 13, 2015

        - October 27, 2015

        - February 10, 2016


Question Box responses

Question Box responses - May 25, 2016

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