Handwashing Lesson Plans - Resources for Teachers

Chinook's Edge School Division recommends that in order to minimize illness in classrooms, teachers annually review handwashing.  It is preferred that teaching occurs early in the school year, prior to flu season.

Lesson Plans:

K-3 Handwashing Lesson Plans (Alberta Program of Studies)
K-12 Handwashing Lesson Plans

The following links will provide innovative and interactive resources for your students:

Recommended for K-3
Wash Your Hands - Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics 
Handwashing for Kids - Crawford the Cat
Washy Washy Clean
Handwashing for Young Children
The Wiggles Handwashing Song
Sid the Science Kid "Clean it Up"
Happy Handwashing Song

Recommended for 4-6
The Handwashing Song by Krazy Kuzins
Handwashing with Soapy the Germinator
Hand Hygiene: Germy the Germ Gets Washed Away
Do Bugs Need Drugs: How to Wash Your Hands
Handwashing for Kids: Pump the Pump Music Video
Protect! Don't Infest: Germ Wars
Hand Washing Techniques - WHO Approved

Recommended for 7-12
Do Bugs Need Drugs Tutorial Slide Show - explanations about antiobiotic resistance: provides statistical information about handwashing
Why Wash Your Hands
Hand Washing Techniques - WHO Approved

Supplies Available

During the Pandemic Handwashing Campaign many items were distributed to schools for training purposes.  These items include: 

  • Glo Gel - a lotion base to simulate germs: to be used on student hands
  • Battery Operated Ultraviolet Lamp - to detect germs on student hands after using Glo Gel
  • Self-Care "It's in Your Hands" Booklets - a booklet describing how to care for yourself and others with influenza
  • Handwashing Posters (various sizes) to display in washrooms and other areas of your school
  • Household Emergency Information Peel-n-Cling Chart - available for student distribution to take home
  • 72 Hour Emergency Prepardness Poster

Please contact Safety Manager, Linden Lonsberry to order handwashing supplies.