International Students

What does it cost? 
$4,000 for 1 semester or $8,000 for a full school year (2 semesters)  Fees = CDN 
You can click HERE for a Currency Exchange Rates Calculator.

Please note textbooks, school supplies and bus passes are not included. Please plan on spending approximately an additional $200 per year for these materials. Textbooks may be re-sold at the end of the semester.

How to do I pay my tuition?
Tuition fees can be paid directly at the school using our ACORN financial system.

Does Chinook's Edge provide homestay?
No, not at this time.

What student medical insurance do I need in place?
The following company can provide comprehensive health insurance for any International Student wanting to apply.
     Ingle International

Which schools offer opportunities for International Students?
Most of our high schools will accept International Students.  For a complete list of our schools, please click on "Schools" tab above or contact

What programs does Chinook's Edge offer?
A complete list of CESD Programs can be found by clicking the "Students & Parents" tab above.

Are the educational programs exactly the same in all of our schools across Chinook's Edge School Division?
90% the same but slight differences in some option classes.

What is the weather like in Alberta?
Warmest month: July - has an average high of 23°C and an average low of 9°C
Coldest month: January - has an average high of -7°C and an average low of -18°C
Average annual rainfall: 357 mm
Average annual snowfall: 125 cm
Average wind-speed: 14 km/hour
Average number of frost-free days: 106
Annual hours of sunshine: 2133

Please visit The Weather Network for our current weather conditions.