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Bus Driver Handbook  •  Custodial Handbook  •  Family School Wellness Worker Handbook  •  Trades, Apprentices & Labourers Handbook  •  School Hourly Support Staff Handbook  •  School Salary Support Staff Handbook  •  Substitute Educational Assistants Instructions

2017-2018 200 Day Traditional Admin Support/Library
2017-2018 200 Day Year Round Admin Support/Library

2017-2018 Traditional Family School Wellness Worker
2017-2018 200 Day Family School Wellness Worker

Interview Information
Interview Checklist  •  Reference Check Teachers  •  Reference Check  • Support Staff  •  Sample EA Interview Questions

Child Intervention & Criminal Record Check Information  • Confidentiality Undertaking & Pledge  • Electronic Deposit Information  • Employment Information Sheet (EIS)  •  RCMP Form Letter  • Request for Professional Development Leave (please contact People Services for further information)  •  Request for Re-Bill of Sub Costs  • Month End Sub Tracking Form  • School Orientation Checklist for Support Staff  • School Orientation Checklist for Teachers  • TD1  •  TD1AB  •  ROE Request Form • Summer Deferred Payment Plan Sign Up • Teacher Intent Form 2018 - 2019

Time Sheets
Casual Support Staff Timesheet  •  Bus Driver Timesheet  • 
Bus Driver Coordinators TimesheetBus Driver Aide Timesheet  • 
Spare Bus Driver Timesheet

Employee Self Services
Employee Self Service - Pay History, Pay Statements, Pay Details, 
Address Changes, T4's and timesheets
Substitute Management System

*Please contact People Services for 'Guides for Professional Learning'
Administrative Support Evaluation (Electrionic Version)  
Administrative Support Evaluation (Paper Version) 
Educational Assistant Evaluation (Electronic Version) 
Educational Assistant Evaluation (Paper Version) 
Learning Commons Technician Evaluation (Electronic Version) 
Learning Commons Technician Evaluation (Paper Version)
Facility Services Staff Evaluation Form (Electronic Version)
Facility Services Staff Evaluation Form (Paper Version)

Teacher Evaluation (Procedure 4-13)
4-13 Teacher Evaluation  •  Evaluation Template  •  Example
Classroom Observation Data Sheet
  •  TPGP Day  • TPGP Planning Template

Teacher Supervision
Teacher Growth Plan Template  •  TEF  •  TQS  • Monthly Visitation Template  • Supervision and Growth Model Teacher Supervision Package   • Teacher Supervision Resource Package  •  Chinook's Edge School Division - Collective Agreement 

ASEBP Website  •  MyASEBP  •  ASEBP Handbook  • Dental Care Claim Form  •  ASEBP Change Application  • Extended Health Care and Vision Care Claim Form  • Health Spending Account Brochure  •  Homewood Health  •  Prescription Benefits Information

LAPP  •  Local Authorities Pension Plan one-on-one information sessions

Staff Links
Canada Savings Bonds  •  Workers' Compensation Board  • 
Employment Standards  • Compassionate Care Leave (Employment Standards)  • ATRF  •  FOIP FAQ - Questions from Employees