About Learning Services

The Learning Services Team

Lissa Steele is responsible for all areas of Learning Services for the schools within Chinook’s Edge School Division. The Learning Services department provides support to teachers in their curricular needs (including embedding technology into teaching).  Lissa is responsible for the Learning Services Learning Support teams, Off Campus Education Programs, and provincial and board initiatives. Lissa can be contacted at Central Office (403) 277-7060 or by email at lsteele@cesd73.ca.

Marcie Perdue and Carolynne Muncer are Learning Services Coordinators that provide support within the division to:

  • Learning Support Teams
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Mentorship
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Distributed Learning
  • Google for Education
  • Career Connections between Middle School (CTF) and High School
  • CEAA (Chinook's Edge Athletics Association)
  • All curriculum areas of the Alberta Education Program of Studies

Marcie Perdue can be contacted at Central Office (403) 227-7081 or by email at mperdue@cesd73.ca.
Carolynne Muncer can be contacted at Central Office (403) 227-8004 or by email at cmuncer@cesd73.ca.

Jane Atkins is the French Immersion Program Coordinator for the division.  Jane can be contacted by email at jatkins@cesd73.ca.

Marjorie Jantzen is the Library Technician for the division.  Marjorie can be contacted by email at mjantzen@cesd73.ca.

Lorraine Ewashen provides administrative support to the Learning Services department. Lorraine can be contacted at Central Office (403) 227-7093 or by email at lewashen@cesd73.ca.